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trying to grow your car related business with online marketing techniques? We can help!

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Use Google: Google is the primary tool to be used by automotive businesses. Research shows that 69% of people use Google Search to find answers when they need automotive services. Starting a Pay-Per-Click campaign using Google tools is one of the most effective ways to reach your targeted consumers online and drive website traffic to increase your leads.
  • Go Social: statistics has proved that buyers turn to social media platforms and customer reviews on them more than to the dealer’s website. Both Facebook and Twitter can serve a great tool not only for informing customers on products and services, but also for engaging with them and generating new leads. Placing ads to reach people who have indicated they are in the market for a car is a good way to use Facebook. Creating groups of car owners is another use of Facebook by car repair businesses. Have a specialist to engage with the group members and answer their questions on issues they may have with their vehicles. This will create buzz around your business! By keyword targeting on Twitter, you can find consumers who have displayed purchase intent, and send direct messages and advertising to them.
  • Improve your SEO strategy: with so many dealers and garages all trying hard to attract new clients, it is important for them to promote themselves online. Hiring a good SEO company or knowledge in SEO tools and techniques is what they need. First of all keep your website active and user-friendly, consistently post informative industry content. Come up with the right keywords. List your business on directories, ask for links.
  • Create PR campaigns: Create a Referral Program (e.g. a referral card with incentives both for the referral and the referring customer); get your name out by hosting or sponsoring an event; participate in a charity event; re-engage your former customers by a free service or a giveaway, contribute expert articles to online publications.
  • Be creative: offer free guides on your website or social media platforms (e.g. guides on  how to sell or buy cars, how to find the best dealers or car repair shops, etc); organize personalized campaigns (create customer profiles on your website with their purchase history, preferences, etc to send personal promotional messages or offers); organize online surveys; send out newsletters; offer free seminars or classes on car purchase or maintenance.